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All-Natural Soap for Dogs

5.5 ounces is $6.50 + S&H

All-Natural Soap for Dogs

I make an all-natural, vegetable-based soap gentle enough for dogs. 
Currently available by email request in oatmeal and tea tree.


“Hi Jillian, So, I used your Pooch Polish this morning and wanted to let you know
that it’s fabulous! I wasn’t expecting much of a lather but it was
most latherous, hence perfect for big, dirty dogs. I used the tea tree
bar (i think) you gave me and the dogs enjoyed it. Mac (our boxer)
enjoyed it a little too much. For some reason he could NOT STOP eating it!

It was driving me crazy because I can’t stand the licking sound
and it can’t possibly be nutritious to eat soap for breakfast but he
became a fiend! He was licking himself and then realized that it’s
easier to reach if he could just lick it off Maya (our pit, the black
one) like she was a walking fruit stand or something!

Anyhoo it was so funny and annoying I had to send you pictures with
all of our praises for the new product. Keep up the good work!”

Erica Matyas
Photohound Dog Photography