Soy Candles

All of my candles are made entirely from soy wax and have all 
cotton wicks.  I add no additional color so what you see is the 
natural color of the wax and fragrance oil.

8oz Travel Tins - $12 each or two for $20

9oz Amber Jars -$18 each or two for $30

Year Round Signature Fragrances

Black Tea
roasted tea leaf, jasmine and orange

Caribbean Teakwood
warm cedar, musk, amber and clove

Dragon's Blood
spicy floral, citrus and patchouli

Egyptian Amber
amber, musk, sandalwood and vanilla

roasted espresso beans, cane sugar and caramel

Eternal Sunshine
lemon, orange, jasmine and violet

Juniper & Cedar
black cedar, amber and juniper

Lavender Chamomile
lavender pedals, chamomile and bergamot

lavender with light eucalyptus

Leather & Teak
leather, warm woods, tobacco and spice

Mediterranean Fig
fig, green apple and jasmine

Nag Champa
neroli, balsam, musk and vetiver

oakmoss, ozone, lily, fern and violet

Orange Blossom Special
orange blossom, bergamot and neroli

Patchouli Hazelnut
hazelnut, vanilla and patchouli

rosemary, cedarwood and thyme

White Tea
citrus, peonies and geranium

Warm Vanilla Sugar
vanilla bean, musk and jasmine

Fall/Winter - Seasonal Fragrances

Apple Maple Bourbon
apple, maple, vanilla and kentucky bourbon

Blue Spruce
fresh spruce, evergreen and bright citrus

Cedarwood Vanilla
cedarwood, pine and vanilla

Christmas Hearth
clove, allspice, cinnamon, maple and pine

Christmas Tree
balsam fir, cedar and wam musk

Crackling Firewood
cedar wood, rich amber and vetiver

Currant Sandalwood
black currant, bergamot and sandalwood

white musk, sandalwood and cedar

Macintosh Apple
green leaves, macintosh apple and mandarin

Patchouli Amber
patchouli, musk, vanilla and citrus

Pumpkin Souffle
pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and buttery crust

Red Cedar
red cedar, musk and ginger

Rustic Oak
oak, cedar, bergamot and lemon leaf

Spiced Balsam Fir
balsam fir, cinnamon and tart berries

Spring/Summer - Seasonal Fragrances
citrus, cedar wood, apple and musk

Bamboo Coconut
green leaves, ozone, cedarwood and coconut

Beach Daisies
daisies, gardenia and warm sand 

Cedar & Citrus
citrus, sandalwood, musk and cedar

Chypre Oakmoss
oakmoss, musk, tonka bean and orange

Fig Tree
fig, grapefruit and lemon

Fresh Cut Grass
green leaf and fresh stems

Green Meadow
leafy green geranium, rose, and jasmine 

Guava Fig
guava, cassis, fig and pear

Lavender Chamomile
lavender pedals, chamomile and bergamot

Lemon Verbena
lemon, orange and lemongrass

Lily Rose
lily, rose, jasmine, vetiver and violet

Summer Linen
fresh cotton, citrus, lily, and jasmine

Sweet Baby Bibb
green leaf, white lily and bergamot

Weeping Bamboo
bergamot, bamboo and violet

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